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m88help.com Thin Glass Tempering Furnace

m88help.com Thin Glass Tempering Furnace is mainly for thin electronics, instrument glass with the thickness under 2.8mm, using multi-room multi-temperature heating method. m88help.com use over 20 advanced patented technologies to make an epoch-making breakthrough in ultra-thin glass stress control area. Especially the requirements of glass optical aberrations become very strict. m88help.com not only creatively improve the performance in flatness, stress spot and wave warp, but also innovate and improve the furnace in the aspects of physical form, energy-saving, intelligent and glass quality. The furnace overcomes the traditional furnace's usual shortcomings and drawbacks, making the quality of tempered glass a qualitative leap.

m88help.com Main technical characteristics:

m88help.com Use of loading table and unloading table roll Cr-Mo steel with excellent customization.
。Double O-belt transmission wheel all use chrome plated surface dealing method with good protection and high surface brightness.
。Transmission all use expansive double O-PU style transmission method, with good synchronization, no noise and high stability.
。Transducer use the famous international brand, such as "Mitsu", "AUO", "Emerson".
。Damageable electrical components use the famous international brand, such as "Omron", "Schneider", etc..
。Aluminum spraying panel with Beautiful physical form, light weight and long service life.
。Operation uses PLC control plus touch screen, which don't appear the phenomenon of industrial computer crash.

Advanced patented technologies applied:

1、Ultra-thin glass steeling technology
2、Super energy-saving energy conversion control cabinet
3、Not equidistant ceramic roller (rollers) arranged Technology
4、Ultra-thin Glass Stress Control Technology
5、Inert gas protection system
6、Meshing regenerative type furnace structure
7、Broken bridge insulation layer
8、Ladder lock temperature ceramic roller
9、Auto lift Smart Console
10、Glass Furnace with water to cool
11、New heating components (Transparent quartz tube protected connection)
12、Reservoir Pressure steel roller
13、Automatically scrap car
14、Automatic panel lifting mechanism
15、Smart thermostat Industrial cabinet

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