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m88体育官方网站 Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
m88体育官方网站 Full Convection Glass Tempering Furnace using high-and low temperature control separate heating wokr.Low temerature reglon withe the upper art of the non-compensation of forced convection outside the circie to resolve the upper heat-absorbing glass-front the problem of slow,high-temperature zone withe radiation heating.The type of device has a very high productiovity,high-input high-yield high-en equipment.
m88体育官方网站 Main technical characteristics:

m88体育官方网站 Use of loading table and unloading table roll Cr-Mo steel withe excellent customization.

● Ceramic roller adopts the most advanced fixed-floating manner,easy to replace bearings inthe hot stats.
● The level of degree of adoptionof ceramic roller stepless micro-adjustable diechi,you can permanently eliminate heating section.

● Heating secion unique oscillatory lineer heating method,and in line withe the independence of the most advanced intelligent temperature control module TOP-C,with a shorter heating time,heating,high efficlency,unlform heating characteristics.And the use of PID free to adjust the heating power.energy conservation,improve the service life of heating wire.
● Furnace is equipped withe independent upper and lower auxillary heating system. the effective eradication of the glass recycling defece.
● Double O-belt transmlssion,so roller synchronization is greatly improved;
● Intelligent module using an independeng temperature control panel,you can precisely control the furnace temperature.
● Heating control system,whichis a special detection device,you can completely avoid all kinds of accidental damage caused by high temperatures.
● m88体育官方网站 Use of integrated high-performance ceramic fiber insulation material,the maximum to avoid heat loss.
● Strengthe the area a unique constant velocity of fluid channeis and outlet surface desigh,withe a high work efficiency, the fan power can be lower tha the same product can be a level to achleve the same eddect of tempering and greatly reduce energy consumption.
● Wind-row of the upper and lower level can be adjusted from the use of non-technical,more precise positioning,which will help the glass leveling.
● Electric furnace installation of ceramic materials, combination of block,easy to replace the heating wire.
● Intelligent control systems can be equipped withe full automatic generaors to ensure that no one in the case of power fallure to maintain roller operation.(is optional)
● District heating furnace can be automatically lifting the convenlence of users carrled out maintenance work and ceramic furnace roller cleaning and maintenance.
● m88体育官方网站 Have power outagesall the information automatically to maintain function, will not power of and disappear. condisions can be accessible at any time.
● User interface withe touch-screen desigh,screen vivid,easy to perate.

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