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Full Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
Full Convection Glass Tempering Furnace
m88体育官方网站, product according to principles of thermal fluid motion,using a specially designed drive sysems and the unique structure of the outer loop of non-compensation,while applicatiion of a number of advanced technologles to overcome the tradltional radiation Furnace and certain non-real convection Furnace frequently see the shortcomings,withe heating speed,high yield.exceilent quality,energy conservation,and many other advantages,has been widely used in tempering coated glass, a variety of colored silk screen glass ,solar glass panels of the many high-demand indusry,glass products, the device has an unparaileled advantage. As the m88体育官方网站, Low-E glass,withe its high visible light transmittance and the effective blocking far infrared heat radiation to become the outstanding features the best choice for building energy-saving glass, coated glass (such as off-line Low-E)in the traditional on the tempering unit of radiation can not be economic and efficient processing,so a forced convenction heating methods has been recognized as the world must be the chioice of currugation can be contrlied 0.4mm/500mm below high flatness and optical quality,flat iaminated steel can be used0.28PVB filml.
m88体育官方网站, Main technical characteristics:

●Specially designed fluid drive system, so as to avoid moving parts in high-temperature environment,sports, performance is more stable and reliable,convection excellent results;
●m88体育官方网站, Design the most advanced convection outside the circle of non-compenstaion sturcture to ensure that the heating of the glass faser,more uniform,lower energy consumption;
●strengthen the area a unigue constant velocity of fluid channele and outiet surface design,withe a high working efficiency,the fan power can be lower than the same product can be a level to achieve the same effect of steel and greatly reduce energy consumption.
●Heating element withe a unique oscillatory linear heating mode,so as to avoid a varilety of discrete eiectrical heating methods lag lag and feedback,and in line withe the independence of the most advanced intelilgeng temperature control module TOP-C temperature control accrate, simple operation, an effective guaranteea high degree of uniformity of the furnace temperature;
●Selection of high-quality importehttps://www.topglass.asia/files/en/d furnace insulation materials,thermal insulation withe excelient results;
●Double O-belt transmission, so roller synchronization greatly omproved;and produced intemationally renowned ceramic roller used in conjunction to make products of better quality;
●More processing capacity,more efficlent and can process all kinds of float glass,figured glass,Low-E(E=0.0.02)glass.
●Intelligent control systems can be equuipped withe full automatic generators to ensure that no one in the case of power failure to maintain roller operation.(is Optional)
●District heating furnace can be automatically lifting the convenience of users carried out maintenance work and ceramic furnace roller cleaning and maintenance.
●m88体育官方网站, Have pwoer outages all the information automatically to maintain function,will not power off and disappear.
●Control system has a data storage funcion ,a variety of production conditions jleekset at the computer,and the different production conditions can be acessible at any time.
●Used interface with touch-screen design,screen vivid,easy to perate.

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